Bread & Butter Matters

Fees & Insurance

Our fees range from $145 to $275 for an appointment depending on which professional you see and for how long.

We do not have a sliding scale.

Our Payment Policy is to expect payment at the time of the visit. If you have insurance, you can apply for reimbursement back to you and we will be glad help you with that process.

As for insurance, we are always “out-of-network,” meaning that we have no contracts with insurance companies and thus are not “preferred providers.” Nevertheless, our services are almost always reimbursable. You can discuss your specific situation with either Lynn or Dawn.

We have had to opt out of Medicare. We can still treat you but you cannot file with Medicare. Our services would have to be self-pay.

Cancelled Appointments

When we schedule an appointment for you, we set aside that block of time for you exclusively. It’s not like a typical doctor’s waiting room where if you don’t show up, there are people lined up waiting to take your place. To make our practice viable, we generally require 2 days notice for a cancellation; otherwise, you will be charged for a missed appointment.

Office Hours

We are open from 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM or sometimes later depending on circumstances.

Each of our therapists keeps their own schedule, so appointment times can be negotiated directly.