Relationships. They sure can get complicated.

We’ve all been shaped by evolution to need them. Life has little meaning without other people to share it with. And yet, at times, you can really wonder. What do you do when what should be a satisfying exchange of spirit, caring and love turns difficult, troubled, painful or exhausting? The old saying sometimes applies: “You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them."

Key relationships that can get stressful:

Couples and marriages

Early in the relationship—

When it’s all very new and you’re not quite sure how to carry it off.

Do you fall back on the model your parents provided, or do you try to do it another way?

Do you and your partner seem to be guided by some strange automatic pilot that too often seems prone to crashing?

Later in the relationship—

Has the magic left, leaving you both feeling neglected, unfulfilled, angry or bored?

Parent and Child

You may be a teenager, stressed and strained by one or both of your parents.

You may be a parent who just wants to get on to the next phase of your life but you have an adult child depending on you too much.


Is there an imbalance of expectations so that you’re not getting enough coming your way or too much is expected of you?

You may have too much going on, too many people, with too little time left for yourself..

Social Isolation

You may crave relationships, but either because of excessive shyness, bad luck, or other factors, it’s just not happening for you. Your life remains empty, leaving you feeling lonely.

Work relationships

You may have a difficult boss or work team making you dread going to work each day. You may be a boss of subordinates who despite your best efforts just don’t perform.

We Can Help Bring Calm To Your Stressed Relationships

All these categories of relationships, and others not listed, can turn what should be one of life’s pleasures into sources of strain or despair. We can help you sort out the confusion and prioritize what’s important to you. We can help you strategize how to shift your energies and directions to achieve more satisfying results in your key relationships.