Howard Jay Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Cohen is a Senior Staff Psychiatrist at Roundhouse Square Counseling Center.


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I have been a psychiatrist at Roundhouse Square Counseling Center since 1987. Prior to Roundhouse, I was Medical Director at the Halifax Mental Health Center in North Carolina where I practiced for two years in service for my scholarship from the Public Health Service.

I received my undergraduate degree from Duke University and received my Medical Degree from New York Medical College. My internship and residency in psychiatry were at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

In my experience, I have found it extremely important to listen to a patient’s complaints and gather as much information as I can to understand their symptoms, the stressors they are experiencing and their relationships at work and at home. All of this information must be taken into account during the diagnostic evaluation along with a detailed medical and psychiatric history.

After I make the diagnosis, I explain what the treatment will be. I will provide information about whatever medication is prescribed and I will discuss the possible side effects. I will often discuss medication options and talk about the pros and cons of each option. Another area which is extremely important is drug interactions, which I carefully evaluate, especially when there are medical and psychiatric medications are involved.

I feel a combination of psychotherapy and medication treatment provides the best results. In psychotherapy, I explore the relationships people have with their family, with their friends and with their coworkers. With a greater understanding and insight into their relationships, people can manage problems more effectively and improve those relationships.

I have been married for more than 30 years and I have two daughters. I love music and I play the trumpet in community bands. I also enjoy listening to music and I learned to build loudspeakers and tube amplifiers. In addition, I enjoy fixing all sorts of things around the house and troubleshooting computers.

Client Testimony

“Dr. Cohen has been my psychiatrist for more than fifteen years. I do not believe that I could have a more caring or more professional physician. Dr. Cohen treats my concerns and problems with kindness and empathy. He has a store of knowledge that makes it possible for him to suggest wholesome ways of dealing effectively with some of the side effects of my antidepressants. Dr. Cohen provides the perfect combination of counseling and medicine that I need to be able to function at my best.” -E.F.

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We at Roundhouse are a group of mental health professionals in Alexandria, Virginia who specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Work Stress, Relationships, Adult ADD, Adult OCD, Parenting, Fear of Public Speaking, Severe Phobias and more.  Our two psychiatrists, physician assistant, two psychiatric social workers, and our other staff members have a combined experience and expertise that spans a wide range of problems. Our team approach enables us to smoothly coordinate a variety of effective psychological and medical treatments.




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Our Name

Why is our name Roundhouse?

We moved into our first office building in Old Town, Alexandria located on a site where once existed a railroad roundhouse. That’s how we got our name, Roundhouse Square Counseling Center. We moved across the street, but kept our name. The railroad metaphor inspired our tag line: “Getting you back on the right track.”

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