Work Stress

Stress on the job is rampant in Washington. This is a city on steroids, the capital of our nation and arguably of the whole world. Washington is also the capital of workaholics. The best and the brightest come here because this is where the action is. Here you participate in lobbying the centers of power that determine the fate and destiny of everything important.

Competition for resources, contracts, favored policies, creates an edgy atmosphere. Competition for success, promotion and a high-flying career can be challenging and fun. All this action can bring out the best in you. But as the years add up, your youthful energy and enthusiasm can begin to flag. The costs of keeping up with your workload can mount.

While you are talented and hardworking, you may find that all the expectations and demands on you can get to be too much. You discover that you’re not inexhaustible.

Questions come to mind:

  • Is it really worth it?
  • Can you dial it back?
  • Would it be safe to do so?


Typical Job-Related Concerns:

  • Difficult bosses
  • Non-performing subordinates
  • Dysfunctional work teams
  • Take-no-prisoners office politics
  • Business survival worries due to the economy
  • Downsizing threat and fear of job loss
  • Blocked promotions
  • Lack of recognition
  • Work overload and 12 hour days
  • Insufficient support since PCs are on everyone’s desk
  • Boring work
  • Underpaid compared to others


No Safe Place to Air Out Your Concerns?

  • You don’t want to tell your boss—you don’t want them to see you sweat.
  • You don’t want to discuss things with your subordinates—it wouldn’t be prudent.
  • You avoid raising things with co-workers at your same level—you fear it could be used against you when you’re competing for promotion.
  • You don’t bring things up with your spouse who may not be able to understand the nuances of your work situation. Or you may not want your spouse to know how much on the edge you are, out of pride, or out of concern they would just get panicked.
  • So it gets lonely for you.


How We Can Help

  • We can be your safe harbor to air out your concerns. If only for a start, this helps to get things finally off your chest.
  • We can help you sort through what’s on your plate with a fresh perspective
  • Better still, you get a chance to rethink everything and perhaps start seeing new and better ways to manage your work situation.


Let us help you manage your work stress so you can get back into the game stronger than ever!