Physician Assistant-Certified

Rachel S. Young

Rachel is a Physician Assistant-Certified at the Roundhouse Square Counseling Center.


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I am a Certified Physician Assistant and have had a passion for psychiatry since starting PA school. I grew up in rural Ohio and became particularly interested in psychiatry after taking psychology classes in college. I saw how friends and family members struggled with their own mental health concerns and how much their psychiatrists and therapists helped them. I developed a better understanding of psychiatry once I started PA school and going through my clinical rotations. I have always had a strong interest in my patients’ life stories and truly wanted to make a difference in their lives.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biology from Otterbein University in Columbus, Ohio, and earned my master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at Ohio Dominican University in 2016. Before Roundhouse, I worked in an outpatient psychiatric office treating a variety of different psychiatric problems.

My approach to treatment is to first listen carefully to my patient’s concerns, needs, and expectations for treatment. I also ask about any other symptoms and try to get a full history of his or her stressors, past medical history, and general social history. I feel it is important to understand the whole story of my patient.

In my experience, I believe a patient and his or her provider need to have a two-way relationship. I want to make sure my patients are comfortable with their treatment and care plans. I always discuss what medication options are available, the relevant risks vs. benefits, and if there are alternatives such as psychotherapy that will help. I strongly believe that combining both is usually the most effective plan.

As a Physician Assistant I am also trained in the physical side of medicine and I will take into account other medications you may be taking that may interact with your psychiatric medications that I may prescribe for you.

I am an active member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, and the Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants.

I am engaged to my fiancé, Curt, and we both love hiking and trying new restaurants in the area. In summer and spring, I love to play volleyball and participate in different water sports.

Getting you back on the right track

Roundhouse Square Counseling Center

We at Roundhouse are a group of mental health professionals in Alexandria, Virginia who specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Work Stress, Relationships, Adult ADD, Adult OCD, Parenting, Fear of Public Speaking, Severe Phobias and more.  Our psychiatrist, psychiatric social workers, physician assistant and other staff members have a combined experience and expertise that spans a wide range of problems. Our team approach enables us to smoothly coordinate a variety of effective psychological and medical treatments.




111 Oronoco Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Our Name

Why is our name Roundhouse?

We moved into our first office building in Old Town, Alexandria located on a site where once existed a railroad roundhouse. That’s how we got our name, Roundhouse Square Counseling Center.  The railroad metaphor inspired our tag line: “Getting you back on the right track.”

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