Fed up making excuses to avoid public speaking situations? Afraid your career is blocked? Feeling stuck and hopeless?

Do You Have the Symptoms of Extreme Fear of Public Speaking?

Behaviors and Actions

  • Did you ever turn down a promotion because you expected that more demands would be placed on you to speak in public?
  • Do you routinely concoct excuses (brilliant or lame) to avoid demands to speak in public?

Physical and Psychological Symptoms

  • Racing heart
  • Excessive sweating
  • Blushing
  • Tremor
  • Rubbery legs
  • Problem swallowing
  • Racing, anxious thoughts
  • Loss of focus and concentration
  • Tremulous voice
  • Excessive shyness and avoidance of attention

Situations Triggering Extreme Anxiety

  • Briefing peers, bosses, clients, customers, students
  • Wedding toast
  • Graduation speech
  • Speech requirement at school
  • Eulogy at a funeral
  • Sales meetings
  • Client presentations

We specialize in helping you overcome of your Extreme Fear of Public Speaking.

We believe there’s a hero in all of us, including you. Our mission is to help you transform your extreme fear of public speaking into self-confidence—by providing a safe and supportive environment to learn, practice and master new anxiety management skills. We’ve helped hundreds of mid-career business professionals build their self-confidence, overcome stagefright, and drive their careers to new heights.

Why do we highlight extreme fear of public speaking?

You know in your heart that the only way you’ll ever be able to overcome your fear is by facing it. But you just don’t know how to do that. You’ve probably spent years dreading demands for you to speak in public. You’ve held on to the wishful thought that one fine day, somehow, you’ll wake up and it will be—all gone! But that fine day never seems to come. You probably got disappointed in yourself and felt more and more hopeless.

What usually gets in the way of getting started getting over it?

It seems too embarrassing to tell others about it and ask for their advice. Certainly not your boss, your business colleagues, perhaps not even your spouse or best friend. When acquaintances or book authors offer their advice on how to reduce stagefright, it’s all so condescending and obvious. If public speaking training were that easy you’d have done it by now! They seem to assume that your fear can be easily fixed right away during their “Step One,” then off you go to polishing your delivery. They just don’t get it!

For Mid-Career Professionals

Mid-career brings new pressures to speak to clients, customers, management, and audiences of all kinds. Are you avoiding these requests or actual demands at all costs? Are your excuses wearing thin, even to yourself? Are you afraid management will eventually write you off for further advancement? You don’t need to be told that ability to speak in public is key to moving up the career ladder.

When you were entry-level, no one sought your opinions. Those at the top end of the career ladder wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t mastered public speaking. At mid-career, the ability to effectively speak in public separates the winners—who get promoted—from those who get left behind. And that’s too bad, because by now, you have the experience, knowledge and expertise that can come only from your years of hard work. But all of this isn’t enough. You’ve got to be able to communicate it to co-workers, your boss, clients, and customers.

Don’t get left behind!

We have helped hundreds of Washingtonians and out-of-towners, from all walks of life, overcome their extreme fear of public speaking. In ten short weeks, our specialized classes, combined with our other unique strategies, can help you begin to feel the freedom and exhilaration of knowing you’re back in control, back in the game.

Show them what you know!

Not just for Mid-Career Professionals. We have also helped:

Lawyers, doctors, military officers, government employees, businessmen and women, sales people, managers, supervisors, accountants, computer specialists, entrepreneurs, consultants, law enforcement professionals, teachers, professors, students, etc., gain public speaking confidence.

How We Do It

Do you think that extreme fear of public speaking (the most common disabling fear) is like the weather that you can’t do anything about it? We’ve proven different, hundreds of times, helping people just like you get over it, once and for all. In ten short weeks our unique small classes and special methods, can set you free. Picture the glow you’ll experience week by week as you grow in your confidence. And the euphoria when you graduate with new options for future success.

Our Secrets:

  • Specialized small classes (8 participants maximum per group)
  • Skilled and experienced instructors
  • Gradual desensitization that exposes you to elementary public speaking experiences at a pace you can manage and no faster
  • Classmates, just like you, who really understand the problem and can share in the process of getting over it
  • Warm, supportive learning environment
  • Optional medication assistance to get over the first hurdles that acts like “training wheels” to cushion your initial very high anxiety levels
  • Ten classes stretched over ten weeks, to allow you to digest your lessons and to build your confidence on a solid foundation
  • Emphasis not so much on intellectual learning as on emotional learning
  • Plenty of methods, guidelines, mental tricks, tips, and practical advice for eliminating extreme fear
  • Videotaped feedback, only when you’re ready for it, so you can see for yourself how you’re doing
  • Personalized public speaking crisis management and support

Your “Personal Breakthrough”

We know how overwhelming and intimidating it is for you to be blocked by your extreme fear of public speaking. It may seem insurmountable to you right now to punch through this intimidating barrier. We expect that by enrolling in our classes, you will achieve a “Personal Breakthrough.” That means that you’ll discover you can speak in public situations, that you can do things you’ve not been able to do, and that you can imagine you’re on your way to new and courageous capability.

The process of recovery is not immediate. It will be gained progressively as you put more energy and effort into practicing your new abilities. Thus, we do not claim that you will achieve 100% recovery over the short timeline of the course.

  • You will advance forward and get a very good start
  • You will develop a well-founded expectation that by continuing to employ our approaches and techniques, you will become the master of all your public speaking challenges
  • You will know it when it happens! We’re so confident that you’ll experience a “Personal Breakthrough” that we are proud to offer our Money-Back Guarantee
    Our success rate for achieving a “Personal Breakthrough” is over 90%. Some may require taking another round of our classes to achieve their “Personal Breakthrough.” If so, that option will be free.

We are a business, but we have a sense of mission. We have personally experienced fear of public speaking and want to help as many others as possible to get over it too. By offering our Money-Back Guarantee do we take a risk? Sure we do. We have many costs to cover and we do want to become a business success story. But we’re very confident of our educational model and have enjoyed a recovery rate of over 90%. For those students who make a reasonable effort, success is predictable. You’ll know it when you make your “Personal Breakthrough”—and so will we. People with an extreme fear of public speaking tend to be smart, decent and uniformly nice people. We find they give us proper credit for helping them.

What you can expect from us:

Men and women who no longer have stage fright are giving a round of applause The vast majority of our graduates, even years later, tell us that our classes changed their lives. They became free to move forward in their careers, free of the nagging worry that at any time they could be called upon to speak in public. Their fear was turned into empowerment.

Our classes will be a transformative experience for you. Your attitude of terror and hopelessness will change into confidence that Public Speaking is within your grasp. Remember when you were a teenager and attended driving school? You got transformed from a Non-driver into a Driver. By no means were you transformed immediately into a good, much less a great driver, but you did become—a Driver. We all know that improving and fully mastering driving skills is a lifelong learning process. It’s the same with public speaking. Our Stagefright Survival School is guaranteed to transform you from a Non-Public Speaker to a functioning Public Speaker. Or your money back.

What we expect from you:

Our Stagefright Survival School is not a passive experience. It’s no different than any other school that requires participants to expend real effort. Like learning a new sport, you know you’ll have to work at it. Getting over a lifelong extreme fear may make it even harder for you. At first, you can expect to feel scared and very uncomfortable. We can cushion and reduce your fear and discomfort at the early stages. We’re confident that when you make your own “Personal Breakthrough,” you’ll be amazed and even euphoric.

We’ll help you succeed in overcoming your stage fright.

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